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Comic Art

The six pages below are from a story done
for Marvel Comic's Epic Magazine, back in the mid 80's titled; "Little Otis's 5 Cent Ride" story by John
and art by both John & Laura.
The next seven pages are excerpted from a story Laura illustrated and John wrote for Warren Publications called "Duel Nature".  It was the first graphic story Laura illustrated, done in pen and ink, circa 1981.

Below are a few pages from a graphic story titled "Lover" that Laura, John, and Val Lakey Lindahn did when they were working together as "Artifact Illustrations". The story was published in Vampirella magazine around 1982. John wrote the story and Val and Laura  worked on the art together, sometimes trading pages back and forth. 

The Three pages below are from a story that John wrote for Marvel's Epic Magazine called "Apocrypha". It was published in the early 80's. He did most of the
watercolors with Laura doing the detail. Val worked
on a large panel not shown below. 
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